You may be surprised to learn that aluminium is one of the most commonly used materials worldwide. Because of its low density, it is used in everything from household items to industrial materials to aeroplanes’ skin.

Right now, aluminium recycling in Perth is a popular activity. While it is helpful to the environment to recycle, many people recycle in hopes of getting a good amount of money depending on the aluminium scrap prices, which fluctuate. The metal is nearly everywhere and lightweight, so transporting it is usually not difficult.

Aluminium Scrap Metal Recycling Specialists

For decades, Collins Recycling has been one of the top aluminium scrap metal recyclers in Perth and the surrounding area. The family-owned business is committed to bettering the community and the Earth. Additionally, by paying the top aluminium scrap prices, Collins Recycling gives back to the community members and helps bolster the economy.

The team at Collins Recycling operates efficiently, allowing clients to drop off their sorted scrap metal, receive their cash payment, and be on their way. Because they are a local company, Collins Recycling makes sure everything they do positively impacts the area.

Common Grades of Aluminium

There are several different grades or types of aluminium. Each has its own distinct properties and scrap aluminium price.

Tips for Recycling Scrap Aluminium


If you are recycling aluminium cans, rinse and crush them.


Aluminium aerosol cans are recyclable but empty the can of its contents and remove the plastic lid and nozzle. Never attempt to crush an aerosol can.


Remove non-aluminium parts from the scrap before bringing it to the recycling yard


Aluminium pie plates, foil, and other types of food service aluminium products must be clean before recycling

Tips for Recycling Scrap Aluminium

While you are welcome to come by the yard and drop off your scrap metal, we know that can be easier said than done. Many times, our clients are physically unable to load their scrap aluminium or do not have the right vehicle for transport. Sometimes the quantity is too great for an individual to manage. At Collins Recycling, we are able to come to you and take the aluminium off your hands and out of your way.

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Why Choose Collins Recycling?

As a family-owned business serving the area for 28 years, Collins Recycling is well known for its expertise, enthusiasm, and excellent customer service. Our skilled team is always willing to go the extra mile for our clients. And we pay top dollar for your recyclable scrap metal.

Our scrap metal recycling yard has been operating for more than 70 years. We can answer your questions regarding various types of metal, arrange for a drop-off or pick-up, and help you turn your scrap into cash.


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