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Many companies find that scrap metal can be an unavoidable side product of their day-to-day business. From construction and engineering to retail and various trades, scrap metal is a by-product that accumulates quickly because it can be hard to get rid of. Sometimes, businesses even have to pay metal recyclers for their scrap metal to be removed!

At Collins Recycling, we want to help businesses and commercial organisations across Perth by offering a commercial metal recycling service where we actually pay you for your scrap metal. We pay by weight and are committed to offering fair, honest prices for you scrap metal. Why not monetise your waste? Let Collins Recycling take away your scrap metal, leaving you with extra cash, a tidy premises and the rewarding knowledge that you’ve helped the environment, the local community and your business!

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Construction Waste Management

We regularly deal with clients from the construction industry who come to us for our professional, reliable service and great prices. The construction industry tends to produce lots of scrap metal as a necessary by-product of construction processes, from demolished buildings to pipes, parts and waste. Collins recycling has a team of expert metal recyclers who will help to keep your construction site clean.

Shop Clearances

Shop clearance can be a daunting task. We are often called by clients conducting shop clearances who end up with a huge pile of scrap metal and have no idea what to do with it. If you have a large amount of scrap metal, we provide a reliable and prompt pick-up service where we will come to you, clear all of your scrap metal, and then process it at our recycling facility.

Shop Clearance Brass Scrap Metal

Types of Metal We Accept

Here at collins recycling, we’ll gladly purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous material including copper, brass, aluminium, steel, and iron as well as aluminium castings, drinks cans, e-waste, sheets, pipes, radiators and even window frames. If it’s metal, chances are we’ll buy it!


  • Copper
  • Copper wire
  • Heavy copper
  • Electric motors
  • Burnt copper
  • Radiators
  • Metal plate
  • Metal sheeting
  • Cable
  • Aluminium
  • Extrusion
  • Windows
  • Lithographic printing plates
  • Cans
  • Hot water systems
  • Batteries
  • Car engines
  • Auto parts
  • Brass
  • Plumbing
  • Pipe
  • Taps
  • Bronze bushes and bearings
  • Castings
  • Containers
  • Tanks
  • Gun metals
  • Stainless steel
  • Clean or unclean scrap metal
  • Lead batteries
  • Soft lead
  • Wheel weights
  • Catalytic converters
  • E-waste
  • Steel
  • Iron and much, much more

Commercial Scrap Metal FAQs

Which Industry Do You See Most Scrap Metal From?

Commercial scrap metal can come from various places, but auto, construction, appliances manufacturing, engineering, and retail are the top industries. From car parts with steel, aluminium, and other ferrous metals, to the construction industry with electrical components, wiring, and piping, there is no shortage of scrap metals in numerous sectors.

Whether it’s an old washer or dryer, old beams from a building, or surplus metals from a completed bridge project, it’s vital to ensure scrap metal is properly recycled wherever they come from. Collins Recycling encourages proper disposal of scraps, which should not be tossed in a landfill. Instead, gather them, and we will provide a commercial scrap metal collection service for you.

What Is Commercial Scrap Metal?

Commercial scrap metal is simply scrap metal from commercial businesses. At Collins Recycling, we are committed to assisting commercial businesses in recycling their scrap metals in the easiest and the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

If you are an electrician or run an auto repair company, you certainly produce scrap metal. The same can be said if you have a plumbing business, a home builder, an HVAC technician, or an appliance repairman.

Whether you own a locally owned or large enterprise, you require a reliable commercial scrap metal recycling service that’s tailored to your needs as a commercial contractor. Collins Recycling can provide exactly what you are looking for and even improve your bottom line by generating revenue with your metal waste.

Do You Work with Retail Shops?

We certainly do! Let’s say that your retail shop is getting refurbished or perhaps you’re planning to move to another city or bigger premises. There is one thing we can all agree on here: you’re facing an overwhelming task. Aside from the move, you will have to clear out the old space and make sure it is free from accumulated junk, appliances, and old fittings. There’s usually so much unwanted stuff that you wish to get rid of quickly. But not so fast!

Many retail shops do not realise they need commercial scrap metal recycling services. These shops have a significant amount of scrap metal that should not be tossed into the bin. Here’s what you should do instead: segregate magnetic metals and other useful pieces that contain non-ferrous or non-magnetic metals. We will help you with the scrap and take them off the site by scheduling commercial scrap metal collection.

Do You Pay by Weight?

Yes, Collins Recycling always strives to give you the highest payout for your scrap metal. We know it is one way to encourage commercial businesses to participate in recycling valuable materials. That’s why we pay by weight. Please bear in mind that metal prices fluctuate regularly, even during a typical business climate. However, they have fluctuated more due to the pandemic and recent economic situations.

To keep track of fluctuations, we advise you to use online resources prior to cashing in on your metals. Alternatively, you can contact us, and we will give you an estimate on the current scrap metal prices.

We Help You Make Money

Do you have unwanted scrap metal lying around your property? Are you a commercial or industrial business with metal waste you need to get rid of, fast? Do you want good prices for your scrap metal while also helping the environment?

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