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If you have a manageable amount of scrap for recycling and a way to haul it, you are welcome to drop off your metals.

If you cannot deliver your scrap to our recycling yard, we also offer a pick-up service for the below fees:

  • Per Pallet: $82.50. This rate applies to materials that fit within a standard pallet size and covers the necessary processing and recycling procedures.
  • Over 2 Tons: $192.50. This fee is for larger loads exceeding 2 tons, suitable for businesses and extensive recycling projects.
  • Special Handling Materials: Certain items require additional care due to hazardous components or specific handling needs. Fees for these materials are necessary to ensure safe and responsible recycling, adhering to environmental regulations.

Your Local Scrap Metal Recyclers Since 1996.

With nearly 30 years of experience, you can trust our expert team to recycle your scrap efficiently and provide excellent service.

What We Accept

Scrap We Recycle

Collins Recycling accepts a vast number of metals for recycling as well as other waste materials. As Perth’s leading scrap yard, we know our work’s positive impact on the environment. We will take all grades of recyclables, but please understand that mixing can impact how much payment you will receive.

Scrap We Accept

Scrap We Don’t Accept

  • Car bodies
  • Heavy steel
  • Engines (if oil isn’t removed)
  • Gearboxes (if oil isn’t removed)
  • Depopulated or damaged PCB boards
  • Air conditioners (if not degassed)
Easy, 3-Step Process

How to Recycle Your Scrap

As scrap metal recyclers, we do all we can to keep the process simple. It breaks down into three easy steps.

Person gathering their scrap
Gather your scrap metal

This is an excellent way to empty your garage or shed while you get paid. Remember to clean and separate the metals to move things along quickly.

Collins Recycling collecting scrap from a customer
Choose either delivery or pick up

Depending on your preference, we can arrange to pick up large amounts of clean, separated scrap metal from your location. You can also drop off your recyclable scrap at our scrap yard in Perth. Just be sure to have your metal sorted in bins or tubs before you arrive.

Get paid for your scrap
Get paid the best prices

All materials are recycled responsibly and go direct to Australian-approved smelters around the world. There is no other third party, and no recycling goes to landfill. Plus, we reimburse you for your scrap.

Get Your Scrap Ready

How to Prepare Your Scrap

Before dropping off or having us collect your electronic waste, please prepare your items correctly for safe and legal recycling.

Here’s how to prepare various types of e-waste:

  • Printer Toners and Batteries: Remove all printer toners and separate batteries from the devices to prevent contamination and aid recycling.
  • Air Conditioners: These must be degassed by a certified technician before collection or drop-off, in line with legal and environmental standards.
  • Lithium Batteries: Handle with care due to their reactive nature:
    • Use Anti-Static Bags: Store the batteries in anti-static bags to avoid electrical discharges.
    • Store Safely: Keep them in a cool, dry place away from heat or ignition sources to minimise fire risks.
    • Tape Off Connectors: Cover exposed connectors with tape to prevent shorts and other electrical hazards.
  • Engines and Gearboxes: Ensure all oil is removed before recycling.
Preparing e-waste for recycling

The Best Scrap Metal Prices In Perth

Recycling your scrap is great for the environment, and it can be a great help to your wallet too. At Collins Recycling, we offer our customers the best prices available in Pertg. We have built strong business relationships during our decades in the industry and get top dollar for the metals we sell. This makes it easy to share the wealth with our customers. You can count on getting a fair price every time.


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What Do You Need to Bring?

100 Points of ID Required

Due to the large volume of stolen products going through scrap metal services, we now are legally required to validate your identity through 100 points of ID. Similar to obtaining your passport.

This can easily be done through a drivers licence and a utility bill that has been issued within 3 months, for example.

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The Latest News

Our team of scrap experts have experience across all areas of scrap recycling spanning back nearly 30 years. We love to share current, up to date information, tips and tricks and other related information about our scrap yard, and the scrap industry. View our blog page for more!

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About Us

Family-Run, Australian-Owned Business

Collins Recycling is a family-run, Australian-owned scrap yard. Our main priority is our customers, which is why we provide the best customer service possible.

As one of the longest running scrap yards in Perth, we take pride in being knowledgeable in what we do. We specialise in providing a service that helps the environment and Western Australian community. You’re welcome to deliver your scrap for cash, or we do offer a pick-up service as well.


What is scrap metal recycling?

Scrap metal recycling involves the collection, processing, and repurposing of metal materials that are no longer in use. This process reduces the need for virgin raw materials, conserves energy, and decreases greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Why is scrap metal recycling important?

Recycling scrap metal plays a critical role in environmental conservation by minimising waste in landfills, saving energy, and reducing the carbon footprint associated with producing new metals. It also conserves limited natural resources and supports the economy through job creation in the recycling sector.

Are there any materials that can't be recycled as scrap metal?

While most metals are recyclable, certain items may be restricted due to safety or environmental hazards, such as metal containers that held hazardous materials, radioactive materials, and certain electronics.

How is metal processed for recycling?

Scrap metal recycling involves several steps: collection, sorting, shredding, melting, and purification. After purification, the metal is cooled and solidified into bars, sheets, or other forms, ready to be used in new products.

What are the benefits of recycling scrap metal for businesses?

For businesses, scrap metal recycling can reduce waste disposal costs, generate income from selling scrap, and demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability. Recycling also helps conserve resources and energy, contributing to a circular economy.

Can I get cash for my scrap?

Yes, we will pay you a competitive rate based on the market for your scrap metal, depending on the type and quantity of metal you have. Prices fluctuate based on market demand, the type of metal, and its condition. Get in touch with us for our current rates.