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Collins Recycling is a family-run, Australian-owned small business. Our main priority is our customers, which is why we provide the best customer service possible. We want to create and maintain a good relationship with the customers. To achieve this goal, we strive to deliver excellence in all our services, from communication with the clients to the performance of the required task.

As one of the oldest scrap yards around, we take pride in being knowledgeable in what we do. As a niche business, we specialise in providing a unique service that is often unavailable from other companies.

We provide our superior scrap metal recycling services to customers from all sectors including:

At Collins Recycling, we think outside the bin. Homeowners in Western Australia know the benefits of recycling scrap metal responsibly. Whether you need to get rid of an old dishwasher, radiator, or fridge compressor, we are the company you can rely on. Don’t just throw those items away. Exchange them for cash at our scrap yard.

Collins Recycling is committed to assisting clients, including the commercial sector. We’re ready to remove their scrap metal and even buy the metals you no longer need for you to gain a bit of revenue. As specialists with decades of experience in scrap metal and recycling, we can help you meet your scrap metal requirements in WA. 

Are you in a busy industry or involved in large projects? The last thing you want is to be worried about unwanted metals in your facilities. Let us handle them for you. We can provide site pickup services for all types of industries. As long as you have metals and scraps that we accept, such as steel, electronics, aluminium, and copper, we can help!

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Do you have unwanted scrap metal lying around your property? Are you a commercial or industrial business with metal waste you need to get rid of, fast? Do you want good prices for your scrap metal while also helping the environment? If so, call Collins Recycling today!

Recycle Your Old Electronic Waste With Us & Get Paid for It

Discarding e-waste, like any other regular waste, is a big no-no.  E-waste disposal should always be done with environmental sustainability in mind. Leave the task to us! Book a collection with Collins Recycling or drop by our facilities, and we will take care of the e-waste recycling process for you.

About Us

Collins Recycling was established in 1986, and we’ve been providing reliable scrap metal recycling services to people and businesses across Perth ever since. Our team can take all types of scrap metal off your hands, weigh it and then exchange it for cash, on the spot! You can bring your scrap metal to our recycling facility, or if you have large quantities, we can come and take it away for you! We provide superior scrap metal recycling services to customers from all sectors including.


If you have scrap metal, we can turn it into cash for you. We specialise in recycling all types of metals and other waste materials including:

  •  Aluminum
  •  Copper
  •  Brass
  •  Lead
  •  Steel
  •  Stainless Steel
  •  Electronic scrap
  •  Radiators
  •  Electric cable
  •  Aluminum cans
  •  Batteries

And much more! We do not accept cars and non-metallic materials like cardboard, plastics!