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The term ‘ewaste’ encompasses all old electrical appliances either in a state of disrepair or simply obsolete. This includes everything from fridges and microwaves to mobile phones and computers. The correct disposal of e-waste is of vital importance to being able to achieve a sustainable future.

Electronic waste, or e-waste, as everyone likes to call it, is anything that you don’t have use for that has a plug, battery, or cord.

These include:

  • TVs
  • Computers
  • Mobile devices
  • Mice and keyboards
  • VCR, MP3, DVD, and CD players
  • Circuit boards
  • Printers and scanners
  • Clocks, lamps, calculators, and digital or video cameras
  • Radios
  • Answering machines

The list can go on, mainly because technology is a dominant force in today’s world.

Unlike other types of rubbish, you typically cannot put e-waste in your bin. Most items are potentially hazardous, while others still have value and certainly do not belong in a landfill. Unfortunately, in WA, e-waste is still legal to be sent to landfills. It is why e-recycling rates are not as high as in the country’s eastern states, where e-waste disposal to landfills is banned.

electronic waste cpu and monitors

Collins Recycling is Australia’s leading e-waste collection and recycling service. We’re dedicated to diverting as much electronic waste from landfill and export as possible. For too long, metals such as mercury and lead found in computers and other ewaste have been buried in landfill, leaving the toxins to leach into the ground and waterways. Put simply, this cannot continue.

Our service is professional fast and reliable. We can collect your ewaste from your door and deliver it to the appropriate recycling facilities where 95-98%, by weight, will be recycled for future use. We also offer some value for you ewaste therefor giving the public incentive and saving them money going to council tips.


  • CPU’s
  • Ram cards
  • PCB boards
  • Power supplies
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Computer towers
  • Power supplies
  • HDD/DD
  • Heat sinks
  • Cables and leads.
  • Transformers
  • And much more…

Safe, environmentally friendly & certified ewaste recycling.

Collins Recycling only use accredited electronic waste recyclers, ones that are governed by ISO14001 standards – the international regulation for the safe disposal of electronic waste.

electronic waste ram cards
electronic waste mobile phones

Why Recycle Your E-Waste with Collins Recycling?

Are you looking for an e-waste recycler in Western Australia? Your search is over. We recycle tons of electronics and electrical products, so you don’t have to. Our years of experience in the recycling industry allow us to guide Western Australians in learning how to recycle their outdated technologies responsibly.