Recycling copper scrap metal is not only good for your wallet, but it is extremely helpful to the environment. That is why here at Collins Recycling, we take our responsibility as an industry leader very seriously.

We carefully adhere to the authorities’ standards regarding the sale of secondhand copper. As you may know, thieves have made stripping construction sites of copper because of its high value as a recyclable material. The government responded by tightening restrictions regarding buying and selling copper.

We strongly support the government’s efforts to crack down on copper thieves, and we will do everything possible to help stop the sale of stolen copper. If you come to us to sell copper, we must insist that you provide contact information. And local authorities regularly review the data we collect.

You can count on us to deliver copper scrap metal prices that are fair. We care about our customers and want you to be pleased with our service, our team, and our company.

About Copper Recycling

While it is not considered a precious metal, copper is a highly sought-after metal due to the fact that it is scarce. It has a vast number of practical applications, and it is fair to say that copper is a part of things we use regularly. Shrinking copper deposits make recycling even more important than ever.

  • This type consists of bright wire copper, shiny copper wire, and uncoated or stripped insulated copper wire.
  • Uncoated copper pipes, tubes, bars, or offcuts. The copper must be clean with no paint or oil
  • Copper pipes, tubes, bars, or offcuts that may have residue from welding, paint, or oil. However, Copper 3 cannot have any steel or plastic present

Copper has so many valuable applications the list could be enormous. Here are several objects where you can find copper,

  • Electronics
  • Telecommunication and Electric Wires
  • Copper Cables
  • Copper Pipes
  • Copper Tank
  • Copper Tubing

Copper reacts readily with other metals, so it is often found with other metals such as lead, zinc, silver, or gold. Unfortunately, other elements mixed in with copper decrease its value.

Copper Recycling Tips & Tricks


When you are collecting scrap or sorting your metals, have a magnet handy. It will stick to metals containing iron which are much less valuable than copper


Grading matters when you are dealing in metal. Copper has three grades based on the purity of the metal, condition of the metal, and how much effort goes into preparing it to be recycled


To save time, have your metals sorted before arriving at the recycling depo

Scrap Copper Prices
Perth Copper Scrap Recyclers

Copper prices have increased dramatically from 2020 to 2022. While some levelling off is expected on the horizon, there are no indicators of rapid instability.

A slight dip in the consumption of copper is forecast in the next few years. However, that is followed by the prediction of a strong increase in consumption. These are crucial statistics showing that copper is still a vital metal to watch.

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You do have choices when it comes to recycling your copper scrap metal. However, Collins Recycling has 28 years of experience as a family-owned recycling depot. Using efficient methods, the team will have you in and out to be on with the rest of your day. You can also count on receiving fair compensation for your recyclables. If you have questions regarding procedures or pricing, feel free to contact Collins Recycling. Our staff of experts can answer your questions and help you get your recycling where it needs to be


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