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Collins Recycling is a family-owned, locally operated scrap metal collection business which has been providing superior scrap metal recycling services to domestic, industrial and commercial clients for over 28 years.

As well as recycling your scrap metal quickly and efficiently, we also provide a comprehensive waste disposal service for other industrial and computer by-products.

Over our years of operation, we’ve gained a reputation for our quality recycling services, excellent prices and high standard of customer service. With a team of experienced, professional and friendly staff ready to turn your scrap into cash, we are the recyclers you can trust to get rid of your waste fast!

If you have any questions about what metals and materials we can take, or to arrange a collection, please contact us and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

We offer some of the very best prices available for your scrap metal, so give us a call today for a free quote!

Copper Cable

Copper Facts and Why It Should Be Recycled

Copper is one of the many minerals that we know about. But did you know it is essential to our daily lives? Copper is highly valued for its ductility, meaning it can handle physical alterations without breaking. It’s malleable with thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper is corrosion-resistant, too. This element is also considered an important…

Scrap aluminum cans.

What You Can Put in Your Recycling Bin

Proper recycling of household and business waste is necessary. And the way Australians manage waste is now changing positively. However, there is still a long way to go. For many people, throwing items in the bin is almost like a reflex. There’s no second thought, just throwing away any rubbish they have in their hands.…